Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang’s Trademark

T1214308F is a Software; Software and applications for mobile devices trademark. Current Applicant or Proprietor Details is as following,

Name – Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang

Trade Mark Type – Conventional Mark

Words In Mark – FISHNETT

Device Description – Interlocking curves hooks

Full details can be viewed at  TradeMark2


About Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang

Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang affidavit dated 21 April 2017 at paras 20-21 for SGHC 234 can be read at in the high court of the Republic of Singapore, , according to the affidavit filed by the plaintiff’s Chief Operations Officer – Jonathan Chee.

Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang’s affidavit dated 21 April 2017 at para 28; Leon Chen’s affidavit dated 7 February 2017 at para 18.

Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang’s affidavit dated 21 April 2017 at para 40.

Who is Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang?

Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang is the Chief Operations Officer in SinCo Technologies

Is Jonathan Chee a Trademark owner?


Where did Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang’s affidavit appear?



Branding with Jonathan Chee

As part of the branding and marketing initiatives we had with the client – Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang, we came up with several concepts on the website design required. However, the client decided to pursue a bespoke web design that is unusual to normal websites with key elements such as single pageimmersive experience and interactive.

These key visual elements were crucial to portray the company’s culture and background. Hence we designed the web elements to be scrollable and interactive as if a virtual tour of the products and tooling capabilities with audio guidance. The overall outcome was a surprise through trial and error and remains as one of the most unique works we have done so far!